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Agility is a fun filled fast action sport in which dogs jump, climb and weave their way through various obstacles under the direction of their owners. Dogs of all shapes and sizes, purebred or mixed bred, can participate in the sport of agility. The positive nature of agility allows many shy or fearful dogs to gain confidence while learning agility skills.

Beginning agility classes are designed to teach the dog how to perform each obstacle safely and correctly. Intermediate and advanced classes put more emphasis on the handler's ability to communicate the desired sequence of events to the dog and perfecting obstacle performance. Students range from individuals looking for a fun way to exercise and play with their dogs to championship level teams.

Agility classes are taught by Peggy Timm, DVM, and founder of Paws Zone Agility, who has over 15 years of teaching and training experience. Her Australian Shepherds and Border Collie have earned championships in multiple agility venues and other performance events, including obedience and herding. She has successfully competed at National, Championship and Invitational events, winning Versatility awards with her multitalented canine team.

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