Dog Boarding

Eldridge chilling outside

Our Boarding

Enjoy a stay in the country at our boarding facility. We offer large heated and central air indoor and out door runs. We play an assortment of tunes 24 hours a day for your pets listening enjoyment. 

If you would like a tour of our facility please stop in during our normal business hours, no appointment needed. Please keep in mind we have a limited amount of space. If you want to stay with us over a holiday's please make your reservations early.

Boarding Hours

Drop off and pickup

Monday - Saturday 8am - 10am 3pm - 5pm

Sunday 5pm-7pm

Closed all major Holidays.

Phoebe going for her walk


Your dog can enjoy extra loving, playing ball or going for walks for $6 for 20min.  

You can do this one time a day , everyother day, certain day's, or up to two times per day during your pets stay. 

For our Senior friends that don't like to go for walks, they can enjoy one on one Love.


Vaccinations Records we require before your pet's stay with us

Rabies - 1 year or 3 year

Distemper - 1 year or 3 Year

Bordetella - 6 Month or 1 Year

Dog's with medical conditions may bring a note from their veterinarian if necessary.

Boarding Price's

We charge the day your pet arrives and if you pickup in our AM hours there is a no charge for that day, with the exception of Sunday we only have PM hours.

Most Common Asked Questions


How We Charge

We charge like a hotel, you are charged the day you come in no matter what. On the day of pick up, if you pick up in the Am (8-10) you will not be charged for that day, If you pick up in the PM (3-5) you are charged for the day. Sunday while most kennels are closed, we do have PM hours from (5-7) only so you are charged for the day

Our Hours

Monday thru Saturday 8-10 AM 3-5 PM

Sunday 5-7 PM only

We ask that you please respect our hours of business. At the times that we are closed we are taking care of your beloved pets, making sure everyone is comfortable.

There will be a charge of $40 for coming out of these hours, If we are available.


Also, please remember to bring in an updated vaccine record at the time of boarding or you can have your vet fax it to us at 847-249-8363. you can also email your records to

This is up to the pet owner to remember to make sure this is done.

Vaccinations that are required : Bordetella, Rabies, DHLPP and we are highly recommending the K9 Influenza Vaccine.


Our Daycare program is completely separate from our boarding! Daycare is a program that your dog comes a minimum of two days a week over a long period.

 We do offer Extra playtime while your dog is boarding with us. Extra playtime consist of a walk for about 20-25 mins or playing out in the fenced in yard with one of or employees. 


$6.00 per playtime.

For 2 or more dogs - $5.00 Per dog/per playtime.


When bringing your own things we do ask that you do not bring anything valuable from home. Meaning really nice beds or blankets. As much as we try to make it as comfortable as home some dogs do chew their beds and blankets. So if you have an OLD bed or blanket that is also WASHABLE and that you don’t mind if something happens to it you are more than welcome to bring that. We also supply beds and blankets here if you do not provide one.

We do ask that you please leave food and water dishes at home unless they are using a special bowl like a slow feeder, that we do ask for you to bring. Otherwise we will supply the necessary food and water dishes here.

Brining food: You can pre package food in individual/ daily bags, in the original food bag that you bought, in a sealed container. gallon ziploc bags or even tupperware containers. However is convenient for you we can definitely work with. PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANY MEDICATION IN FOOD BAGS. We want to make sure your pet gets the medications it needs when they need them. We ask that you please leave them in their proper medical containers or in a weekly/monthly organizer and bring them that way. Some medications can actually lose their potency/strength when left outside of its container, meaning your pet might not be getting the medications full strength that they need.